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Taxes –

New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation, and hard-working middle class families feel the brunt of it. Inaction by Christie on budgets that would have provided relief are why we’re still here. His tax breaks to big businesses and the upper 1% has placed too much burden on the middle class. We have to grow the economy from the middle out, by investing in alternative energy, small business, and innovation. Look at Federal Grants that will help move us forward, and make sure our minimum wage increases. And we have to ensure people are paid equally for equal work. 

Job Growth –

We have to focus on creating more opportunities for small business start-ups and help current businesses grow. Other states have created programs to assist recent graduates or anyone with a dream to own their own business. We need to invest in creating more of those opportunities here. To promote job growth we must also stay true to our roots here in New Jersey. We were the Silicon Valley before it even existed on the West Coast. There must be a focus on creating more opportunities within the technology industry, and alternative and green energies so we can stop losing the interests of highly valuable fields. 


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Healthcare - 

The HPAE, the largest union for nurses and healthcare workers endorsed these candidates because they know they will fight to make sure healthcare is affordable for everyone. Having affordable care, the ACA, not only continues to insure more than 750,000 New Jersey residents, some of whom had pre existing conditions, or previously could not afford healthcare, it has also ensured approximately 24,000 jobs in nursing. And working people are good for the economy. These candidates will support all efforts to continue access for women’s healthcare.

Education - 

New Jersey has the best K-12 schools in the nation, and we need to continue giving every student an opportunity to receive a high quality education. It must be a priority to fully fund our public schools to give our kids the best chance at success.